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A caregiver’s podcast

The Caregiver Conversations podcast provides busy caregivers with the legal and resource information they need to be successful and effective,​ at a time that’s most convenient for them.

Host, attorney Antonia Harbin-Lamb, and her guests provide 30-minutes of resource-rich programming, covering subjects that range from knowing the important documents caregivers need to assist care-recipients, to an overview of the guardianship and conservatorship process, to making the real estate decisions that help to sustain value and reduce costs. Programs have also included discussions on when to consider family mediation and how to address social isolation. Personal caregivers share their stories, providing inspiration to those listening in.

The podcast is a production of​ Great Lakes Legal Inc.’s Mediation Division, in conjunction with partner agency, Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan - Elder Law and Advocacy Center, where Harbin-Lamb serves as program manager and staff attorney.

The podcast is available on WJR’s The Great Voice, Apple Podcasts and Spotify:

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