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Hannan Center’s Dayshift Adult Day Center Relieves Caregivers while Nightshift Offers Support

One of the biggest challenges facing caregivers who also work is figuring out how to provide safe and affordable care for their elder loved ones while they are at work or attending to personal obligations. The Hannan Center in Midtown Detroit is answering that need with a new Dayshift Adult Day Center. The program provides those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias a socially and mentally stimulating environment.

“We are excited to provide the day center because it is so needed,” said Hannan Center Executive Director Vincent Tilford. “This is at least a partial answer to the challenges many moderate-income families face when they are ineligible for Medicaid services, but don’t make enough to afford costly assisted living facilities.”

Conducted in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater Michigan Chapter, the program offers a 1 to 5 ratio of caregivers to care-recipients, cognition-enhancing activities like art and music, meals, wellness and exercise opportunities. Medication assistance and limited personal care assistance is also provided. Personal services such as showering and laundry are available for an additional fee.

Unlike some adult day programs, Tilford says Daybreak was designed to be affordable so that loved ones can remain in the home of their choice for as long as possible. They also work with families to explore suitable payment options.

Daybreak families have the added benefit of Hannan Center’s Nightshift social workers or Zena Baum Senior Service Center’s Family Support Coordinators.

Nightshift connects caregivers to community resources, elder law consultations, family mediation/conflict resolution, and emotional support opportunities including creative and interesting classes offered on weekends, evenings and online.

The Zena Baum Center also helps older adults access and navigate the services they need to age in their homes, improve physical and emotional health, and remain independent. Both services are free, confidential and open to the general public. There will be an Open House in May.

To learn more, contact Daybreak manager, Belinda Croft, BSW, at 313.831.4999 or daybreak. Call 313.833.1300 for Nightshift or Zena Baum Center information.

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