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Free Adult Briefs

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Sometimes a mission fills such a basic human need that it’s difficult to imagine that the need is going

unmet. In 2016, Veronica Claybrone says she realized the expense of purchasing diapers and briefs for

children and adults was so significant that some families simply couldn’t keep up. That’s when she

founded the Metropolitan Detroit Diaper Bank, a non-profit “to ensure that everyone in the

metropolitan Detroit area can be clean, dry and healthy.”

Such protective undergarments are not provided by either Medicare, Medicaid, government assistance

programs or most insurance programs. The Bank and its partners help address the need by collecting,

storing and distributing free diapers and briefs to families experiencing financial hardship.

“Millions of families struggle every day to provide an adequate supply of diapers and disposable briefs

for their children and/or seniors and that is unacceptable. We obtain diapers through local diaper drives,

in-kind donations by manufacturers and retailers, and by the bulk purchase of diapers with donated

funds,” Claybrone says.

Claybrone encourages churches and civic organizations to consider hosting brief and diaper drives and

she says individuals can also donate unused diapers and briefs directly to the Bank.

“Small things like diapers affect big things, including a family’s physical, mental and economic well-


Those who are in need of diapers or briefs should leave their name and phone number, by calling or

texting 313.478.4420, or by emailing Follow-up information will detail the

enrollment process and how to book the appointment that is required to pick up supplies. For more

information on donating or receiving products, see:

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