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Growing older in metro Detroit survey: Weigh in on issues and needs

Researchers want to hear YOUR voice!

1. What is it like to grow older in metro Detroit?

2. What matters most to you in these areas:

  1. Housing

  2. Health care

  3. Transportation

  4. Economic stability

  5. Neighborhood safety / stability

  6. Other areas of importance to you

3. Who do you turn to for help when you need it?

4. What do you think people in Detroit think about older adults?

Hannan Center / Hannan House and SAGE Metro Detroit are working with researchers at the University of Michigan to learn more about issues affecting older adults and the services currently available for them in Detroit metro.

Your responses will be confidential, so if you would like to share your thoughts:

There are also opportunities to get involved with this project. If you are interested simply share your contact information, your name, phone number, email, when you provide your responses.

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