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Lori’s Hands - Pairing Seniors with College Companions

Eastern Michigan University student Antonia meets regularly with Janet, to provide the older adult with companionship and help with household chores, as part of the intergenerational service learning program operated by Lori’s Hands.

Lori's Hands utilizes an intergenerational service learning model that benefits both college students and older adults. Antonia, a student at Eastern Michigan University, meets weekly with Janet to provide companionship and help with household chores. Both women value the time they spend together and have developed a strong bond. As Antonia puts it, "Janet has become family to me."

The program builds mutually beneficial partnerships between older adults with chronic illness and college students, fostering empathy, connection, and resilience. Students provide practical assistance to support the older adults’ independence, and the seniors in turn share their life experiences to support the students’ learning. Those interested in learning more or getting involved can call 734.896.5674 or visit the organization on Facebook at

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