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  • Lenzi Abma

Sankofa: To Look Back

During our lifetimes we collect treasures both large and small. The photo albums that belonged to your grandmother. The bowl you bought on a trip to Japan. The textile you watched weavers work while in Ghana.

Our treasures are laced with past experiences. Our family heirlooms hold ancestral memory. Our bric-a-brac is evidence of lessons learned. We value these tangible objects because their stories spark motivation for today and inspiration for tomorrow. To keep the energy conjured by these objects in motion, we have to capture them in writing - and then share their stories.

That is why Urban Aging News and CHNO Publishing are launching a new column, Project Sankofa. Sankofa is a West African term that means “to retrieve - to go back and get it.” This column is a space for contributors to retrieve these stories from their memories and to secure them by placing them here.

We hope readers will explore the stories that their trinkets trigger and celebrate the story-treasures you have collected over the years. Use this platform to share your stories with the Urban Aging News community. Your experiences have the power to inspire others.

CHNO Publishing LLC facilitates the creation, promotion, and readership of fiction stories written by Black authors. It seeks to elevate many forms of Black stories, particularly empowering stories that do not center Black suffering. CHNO offers a variety of streamlined services to help authors elevate their provocative and imaginative tales of Black experiences for all readers to enjoy.

Lenzi Abma writes about her loving relationship with her favorite aunt and proudly displays Aunt Lily’s coveted teapot. As founder of CHNO Publishing, Abma is seeking to write about your family’s heirloom and its accompanying tale. You can contact her at 313.241.6162 or with the subject line “Project Sankofa” and a short description of what you have to share.

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