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Trualta: A National Caregiver Support Portal

DAAA Caregiver Support Coordinators Laura Riddick (left) and Crystal White (right) are flanked by veteran caregivers/facilitators at the recent Brotherhood of Caregiving event.

To increase the quality of family caregivers who support those aging at home, the Detroit Area Agency on Aging partnered with Trualta’s caregiver support platform which says it “provides skills-based training, support groups, and an online community to families managing care for loved ones at home.”

The online portal is free, caregiver-friendly and specifically designed to help users better care for elder loved ones living at home. Offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, caregivers can access learning modules and participate in live support groups where they can provide or receive encouragement.

“We’ve heard nothing but accolades from our caregivers who are actively using the portal,” says Crystal White, DAAA caregiver support coordinator.

According to White, the five-minute lessons are facilitated by clinical experts who provide professional guidance on multiple caregiving subjects for a variety of diseases. Users can read or print articles, view videos, listen to audio lessons or practice skills using Trualta’s on-demand library.

“It’s an excellent resource. They’ve covered all of the bases from hospital discharge, to toileting and daily care, to falls prevention, documents and decision making, end of life, and caregiver self-care. And if you need help, it allows you to contact me for assistance,” adds White.

After viewing the Try It Out: Putting First Things First video, a caregiver with the initials T.R. complimented the program’s organizational tools. “Prioritizing is most important, it sets a way you won't get overwhelmed.”

Caregiver J.B. says the program is comprehensive. “This has proven to be a wonderful resource. There are so many different sections to provide any type of caregiving information one could possibly need.” She also praised the interpersonal support, saying, “I have found the weekly Support Group sessions to be very helpful and supportive. Over time we have come to know one another and our situations. We also share information about products and equipment that's helpful to us on our caregiving journey. Many thanks to DAAA for making this resource available.”

To learn more, visit, or contact Caregiver Support Services at or, or call 313.446.4444.

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